21 Day Salesforce Training

Performance Solutions Center has led training on numerous Customer Relation Management platforms, but with hands-on experience as a guide, the company’s expertise is helping you and your team use Saleforce to its full potential.

  • Take the “21 Day Challenge” to improve your productivity and increase your sales effectiveness.

  • Ideal for new or seasoned users.

  • Make more sales – and lose fewer sales. 

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Leadership Training

Most employees leave a company, not because they dislike their job, but because they dislike their boss. Solid leadership training will help you recognize personal and organizational weaknesses that are sabotaging your business and the work environment. Below are just a few of the key topics in our high energy and engaging leadership classes:

  • Identify WMDs (Weapons of Mass Distraction) and how to avoid their negative impact on you, others and the organization

  • Create clear and manageable delegation agreements that inspire and engage people to take responsible action

  • Restore broken agreements to continue the actions that produce meaningful results and maintain accountability

Whatever your leadership challenge, we can customize an upbeat, energetic presentation to engage all employees in your organization. Take team building to the next level! Click here to explore previous presentation and topics of interest. Then contact us today!